Pioneering motion capture techniques for over 22 years, We use cutting-edge technology to provide the highest quality data available anywhere. We provide full-performance capture with props, multiple characters, finger, facial and audio data.  By employing the best optical, inertial, video based and other motion capture technology for the job, there’s no limit to what we capture: multiple performers, props, facial and finger data and more. At our studio or on location.


Project Planning – We offer seasoned guidance for every step of the way from creating shot lists to rig building to motion editing.
Talent Sourcing –  We work with experienced professionals from all over the world to bring the best performance needed for the job.


Remote – If you don’t have time to come to our studio or if you only need a few motions, just send us video clips of the motions you need and our talented performers will realize your moves. You can even direct a capture shoot via live video link. If you need reference video or synchronized audio, we’ll make sure it’s recorded and time-code locked with your motion sequences.


Data Processing – Capture is only one step of the process. Our motion editors use custom tools to get your data squeaky-clean. No jitters, pops or flips; only pure, authentic motion no matter how difficult the take.
Retargeting – We offer visualization of your performer’s motion on the character level. We make sure the actor-level data is perfect, we remap the data directly to your character to ensure props are locked and that everything is intersection-free, no matter the proportions of your character.
Motion Editing – For action re-timing, joint offsets, time warping, eye-line adjustment, prop interaction or any type of motion manipulation.
Looping and Blending – Editing motion sequences to easily loop or blend to other sequences for custom animation chains and combos.
Key-framing – Our animation specialists go beyond captured data to bring anything to life or add extra characterization to your performance including wings, facial animation, tentacles, hand expressions, props and more.
Delivery – We deliver data in the format of your choice, ready to go in all major packages.