We provide everything you’ll need to bring your ideas to life.

TV Series

Motek produced over 6 seasons and 580 episodes of animation across 2 series. Our productions are distributed in international markets in multiple languages. We assist in format development or produce real-time animation, mixed live and animated characters or traditional 3D shows.

Feature Films

Motek brings extensive consulting and production experience to both animated films and animated content for live-action films. We provide animatics, scene and virtual camera previsualization, performance capture, content creation, on-set and of-line motion capture, technical research and development, virtual crowd manipulation and behavioral dynamics.


As a creative agency or post-production house, we know that you have to move fast and that your clients accept nothing but the best. Our 2D and 3D content and motion capture for character animation let you meet tight deadlines with qualitative results.


From your concept or script, we deliver animatics, multiple-character animation, facial and finger solutions, in-game motion, cinematics and visual effects.

Live / On-Site

Our portable motion capture techniques allow the creation of interactive, fully animated characters in real-time. Virtual guests on talk shows, virtual hosts for events and trade shows, impersonations and caricatures are all possible with full lip-synchronization and full-body animation.