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Making Snickers: Don’t Stop

“Ever since I read the storyboard I knew this would be the ideal opportunity to use ‘motion capture’. A technique that can accurately record the movement and behaviour of actors, and store it in a digital format so the 3D department can use it to animate their characters.

Our lead animator Rolf van Slooten started testing […]

Mocap Mapping

Here is a glimpse of an interesting project we did with NuFormer and Creative Technology Holland. A live interaction between an audience and a video mapped projection of a 3D character.



Sprookjesboom de Film

Sprookjesboom the Film has premiered! It is now showing in Dutch and Belgian cinemas. Motek is extremely proud to be co-producer of the first Dutch computer animated feature film.

The feature film followed successful production of 5 series each one with 52 x 5 minute episodes.